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Striving to improve the lives of horses from the ground up.
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A healthy hoof has a ground parallel coffin bone.  It has both medial/lateral and anterior/posterior balance ensuring that weight forces distribute evenly on the entire hoof capsule, coronet band, and coffin bone.
 Like humans, horses have energy pathways or meridian points. In equines, these ting points are located on the coronet band, each linking with vital organs. 
If the hooves are balanced, then these meridian points are properly stimulated with every step.  As a result, the entire organism is balanced.  Hoof balance insures circulation, which is necessary for proper nerve function.
A healthy hoof can travel over any terrain it is adapted to, at any speed or gait, at full range, for an extended period. Optimal hoof health is key for optimal horse health.

What is Pathology?
Pathology is any deformation of the hoof that causes it to deviate from the parameters of a well suspended, ground parallel, evenly balanced coffin bone. 
 These Pathologies are caused by improper trimming or shoeing, insufficient movement on inadequate terrain, improper nutrition, being confined to a stall on soft bedding, injury, or even over tasking performance requirements.
Most common pathologies are in the form of overgrown/overlaid bars, flares/white line disease, laminitis/founder, Navicular syndrome/contractions, ringbone/side bone, and canker/keratomas.
Why is Hoof Health Important?