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Striving to improve the lives of horses from the ground up.
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Our goal is to educate our clients as well as all equine owners and enthusiast, in hopes of providing the best possible care to the equine world. Our extensive knowledge of the distal limb, is what sets us apart.
We maintain documentation and case studies to show our success and to assure our clients of our constant progress. 
We specialize in pathological horses and have dealt at great length with severe founder, contraction, and navicular cases.  We are dedicated to doing what it takes to ensure the best possible care for your horses. 
 Jenipher and I have had countless hours of school and training and are both graduates of Equine Soundness, an International and unique school for Natural Hoof Care Professionals.  We are dedicated to continuing our education, and remain ever flexible to new ideas and strategies.
We are in constant pursuit of a better life for equines and their owners and refuse any treatment that may jeopardize the safety and wellbeing of a horse.  We have zero tolerance for those in pursuit of results not in the horse's best interest. 
Jenipher is also a trainer of natural horsemanship and is able to provide assistance with any learned behavioral issues you and your horse may disagree upon. 
We are willing to travel anywhere we feel we can help. 

-Chuck McDonald
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Chuck & Jenipher McDonald 
"Jenipher and I are a highly skilled team with over 10 years of combined experience.  We bring an extensive amount of knowledge and experience to our clients."